Gotta great food story to tell? Click For Guidelines

We’re collecting the best food stories to include for our Mouth Full? storytelling podcast as well as for our New York City-based live shows.

Do you have a great food story to tell? Submit it!

You don’t have to be in the food business. You don’t have to be a professional writer or storyteller. You just have to have a compelling food story to tell.

We will only consider fully-written stories or links to a video or audio file of you telling your story (no pitches, please). All stories must fall within the following guidelines:

Mouth Full? Food Story Criteria

  • Your food story has food or beverage as a central element.
  • Your food story is entertaining.
  • Your food story suits being told aloud as opposed to being read.
  • Your food story is true.
  • Your food story is original.
  • Your food story is in English.
  • Your food story is between 800 – 1200 words and uploaded in a Word, Google document, or PDF format via this website’s submission form. No pitches, please.
  • Your food story has a beginning, middle and an end. You can find a lot of helpful information for story writing online. We thought Katie Kazoo’s 5 essential elements of a story had some good tips.
  • Your food story is readable. We are not the grammar police, but we would hate to reject a great story because we couldn’t make sense of it. Tip: Read it out loud before you submit it.
  • Your food story is personal. However, we are open to historic and posthumous food stories as well.

For the live show and the podcast, stories can be read aloud or told from memory.

We’re Global: For the podcast, we can record approved stories by Skype, so feel free to submit stories from anywhere in the world!

We regret that we’re not able to use every story we receive. Our stories are curated to showcase a well-balanced combination of content for our podcast and live shows.

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How many stories can I submit?

Submit as many as you like, there is no limit. However, we ask that you upload them separately.

How do you respond to submissions?

All submissions will be reviewed in a timely manner over copious cups of tea and coffee and hopefully a danish or six — don’t judge.

Unfortunately, we don’t have time to respond to every submission. We will contact you if we are interested in your story.

What do you mean by "entertaining"?

Your story has to have entertainment value for our listeners. It can be any type of food story, but it has to be interesting, informative, compelling, touching, etc. An entertaining story has an emotional impact on the audience.  It moves the audience to think, laugh, cry, etc.

providing amusement or enjoyment.
“the magazine is both entertaining and informative”
synonyms: delightful, enjoyable, diverting, amusing, pleasing, agreeable, appealing, engaging, interesting, fascinating, absorbing, compelling;
humorous, funny, comical;

“Ben is an entertaining companion”

Why tell a food story?

By sharing your food story you can:

  • Preserve family memories
  • Work with us to perfect it.
  • Have fun!
  • Promote your love of FOOD!
  • Try something new.
  • Face your fear of public speaking.
  • Face your fear of speaking on a podcast.
  • Write for the voice as opposed to print.
  • Add more emotion to your writing.
  • Build your brand.
  • Connect with food people online and in real life.
  • Increase your online presence.
  • Develop your storytelling skills.
  • Improve your leadership skills.
  • Hone your writing skills.
  • Get your voice heard.
  • Create content for your social media feeds.
  • Get promoted on Mouth Full? Storytelling’s social media feeds.
  • Get link backs to your website and social media feeds.
  • Build an audience for whatever you’re selling.
I have a great food story to submit, do I have to read it myself or can I have someone else do it for me?

We prefer that you tell your own story. However, if your mom, lover, cat or last night’s hook-up is down for the challenge, we will consider it.

Do I have to be willing to tell my story in front of a live audience?

No. We are also collecting great content for The Mouth Full? Podcast which is privately pre-recorded.

What do you mean by "with snacks... sometimes"?

We plan to serve snacks at our live shows that pair with the food stories being read at the show.

We haven’t figured out how to serve snacks when we air the live show via Facebook Live or for our podcasts. We’re waiting for the food replicator from the Star Trek series to be invented so you can enjoy the same snacks at home that our Mouth Full? A food storytelling show with snacks… sometimes audience will be. Won’t that be something?

C’mon tech geeks, make it happen!

In the meantime, we have to stick with “sometimes”.